Spinsane Slot Overview: Features, Free Spins, Bonuses & Paylines

Spinsane Slot Overview. We’ll admit that it took us a little longer than usual to understand Spinsane, a slot that, even after we finished writing this review, made little sense.

What makes it further stranger is that it’s from NetEnt, a developer better renowned for its dependably high-quality outputs, even though the pay tables haven’t always been reliable in recent years.

Ironically, you get a game with good potential but a production value that makes us wonder whether NetEnt has opted to follow Microgaming’s example and let the world and his wife do their work for them.

When you initially launch Spinsane, you’re left wondering why certain symbols are missing from the reels, why the game has a cheap look and feel, and why there are wolves. It has 5 reels and 27 paylines and may be played on any device for 10 cents to 500 euros or pounds each spin.

Super Symbols, which may be used to replace other identical symbols to create the best winning combination when playing Spinsane, are an advantage. In the Free Spins bonus, one reel becomes wild on each spin.

If there is a story at all, it makes absolutely no sense to us. The reels are themed after wolves and look to be inside of some type of laboratory, with disco lights shining to celebrate your victories. The reels also have an oddly curved shape, perhaps to resemble a compression chamber, but who knows. A pixelated silhouette of a howling wolf which thus starts sprinting during the bonus appears above the reels but seems to serve no purpose.

You’ll notice wolf claws, paws, and skulls on the reels. The identical symbols can also be seen with scratches on them; these are called Super Symbols and have more value. For five of a type, the wolf head, the highest paying symbol, will pay you 50 times your wager.

On the other hand, its Super Symbol equivalent pays out 500 times your wager for 5 across a whole payline. The normal symbols of the same kind can be replaced with the Super Symbols to increase your chances of winning. The “W” stands for “wild,” and it only occurs on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5. It can be used to replace any other symbol aside from the scatter.

As you will see, the symbols can never completely encircle the reels. Instead, the creators, for some reason, opted to add blanks.

Spinsane Slot: Features

Spinsane Slot

The Free Spins game, which is triggered whenever you land 5 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, is the only additional bonus except the Super Symbols feature. If you win a full screen of scatter symbols, you will begin with a minimum of 10 spins and a maximum of 30 spins because 1 scatter equals 2 free spins.

Each scatter that appears while you are playing the free spins game will award you an additional spin. In addition, each play will always include one completely stacked wild reel to aid you in your endeavors. This feature is bizarrely referred to by NetEnt as a “Overlay Wild Reel.” In any case, the highest payout on a single spin is 500 times your bet.

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Spinsane Slot: Verdict

Sincerely, we’re at a loss for words and unsure of how to interpret this. It’s not that horrible in terms of rewards. In fact, Spinsane Slot seems to have the potential to net you prizes that are up to 5000 times your wager, however there is probably a snowball’s chance in hell that this will occur. 

On the other hand, it’s horribly boring to play and disgusting to look at mechanically and visually. The worst NetEnt games in comparison to Spinsane seem like divine gifts. If you want to play other games such as sports games, you can play them on the DEPOBET88 site bandar bola.

Actually, the likelihood of winning is the only thing that is keeping this disaster together. It’s obvious that something went terribly wrong in this situation, and only NetEnt will ever know why. Perhaps they let an intern or, worse yet, a crew of casino streamers create it. Spinsane Slot is a limping wolf that must be put to death, regardless of the circumstances.

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