Pillars of Asgard Slot Review: Reels, Bonuses & Features

Pillars of Asgard Slot Review. Doing something no one else has done before or going so big that you end up transcending the genre are two ways to stand out in a crowded market. NextGen Gaming, an SG Studio developer, has chosen to combine distinctive features with an absurdly high number of winning ways to accomplish both goals. 

Megaways goes enormous, yet even its 117,648 victory ways are insignificant in comparison to what Pillars of Asgard is capable of. People will be divided over it because it is so severe; gamblers will either adore or loathe the figures it is linked with.

It makes sense to bolt an epic theme to an epic number of winning ways if you’re going to employ one. Norse mythology is the epitome of epic in the game world. Undoubtedly beaten ground, but one that can compete with a sizable game engine.

In order to get to the mythological realm of Asgard, the voyage begins with a crossing of the rainbow bridge Bifrost. Between the two soaring pillars of the title, there is a 6-reel, 4-row grid. With “only” 4,096 paylines at first, it may seem a little unassuming, but with time, that number will rise sharply.

The symbols are a mixture of low-paying 9 to A icons in a Runic script and additional Norse mythology symbols, with Odin—who is also the wild—being the most lucrative; getting 6 of him on a payline will net you 200 times your wager. Pillars of Asgard Slot, which is playable from 0.25 to €/£50 a spin, is anticipated to have the most volatility ever in a NextGen Gaming game.

Pillars of Asgard Slot: Features


Features and original mechanics abound in Pillars of Asgard Slot. The Wild Multiplier function is the first to launch. A random multiplier is added to the total when one or more Odin wilds appear as a part of a winning combination. The more Odin symbols you can get to land, the better because they increase your chances of getting a higher multiplier. Players can anticipate at least x2, and a maximum of x10 as follows:

  • 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, or 10x multiplier for 1 wild symbol.
  • 2 wild symbols with a multiplier of 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, or 10x.
  • 3 wild symbols with a multiplier of 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, or 10x.
  • 4 wild symbols with a multiplier of 5x, 6x, 8x, or 10x.
  • 8x or 10x multiplier for 5 wild symbols.

In addition, Pillars of Asgard Slot has a Free Spins bonus that activates when three or more scatter symbols appear. You’ll receive 20 free spins during this feature. Additionally, more rows will be added up to a maximum of +4 the more scatters that landed to activate the feature:

  • You’ll have 15,625 ways to win after 3 scatters and 1 more row.
  • With 4 scatters, you have 46,625 winning combinations and 2 more rows.
  • You’ll have 3 additional rows and 117,649 ways to win if you get 5 scatters.
  • You will have 262,144 possibilities to win with 6 scatters, which adds 4 additional rows.

The Reel Rise Engine, which activates when a scatter symbol appears during the free spins round, adds an additional symbol to that specific reel. A reel can have up to 10 symbols stacked on it, and the winning ways increase with each additional symbol. Read more here for another game with high reel drive symbols.

The game reaches its maximum potential with 1,000,000 win ways available if all 6 reels are maxed up with 10 each. Additionally, Odin’s Blessing feature is activated when a reel reaches a height of 10 symbols. This bonus includes 5 more free spins as well as the transformation of all scatter symbols into wild symbols for the remainder of the bonus game.

Furthermore, the Pillar Shift Engine is activated if a player is fortunate enough for all 6 reels to reach a height of 10 symbols. Odin awakens, and with each subsequent free spin, one entire reel turns entirely wild and moves from reel to reel.

Like in previous NextGen Gaming games, players who can’t wait for the bonus game to start can take the easy way out and buy it utilizing the Buy Pass function for 80x the wager. Alternatively, players can reduce the price and attempt to activate it for a lower price by spinning a roulette wheel. The likelihood of success decreases as the price is set lower.

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Pillars of Asgard Slot: Verdict

Where credit is due, NextGen Gaming deserves praise for making an effort to push the boundaries of what slots are capable of. The win ways gate may become even wider if Pillars of Asgard Slot attracts the throngs of fans that the developers are looking for.

That will be excellent news for gamblers who enjoy breaking the rules, but not so terrific for traditionalists. Avoid Megaways if you thought it presented an absurdly high amount of winning possibilities. Others may view Pillars of Asgard Slot as one of those distinctive experiences that must be tried at least once in order to understand the buzz.

The hype is also widespread. Since NextGen Gaming rarely discloses its highest payouts, we can only assume what it will be for this particular game, but based on payouts for other games from the same developer, we are optimistic. Expectations are high because Medusa Megaways, for instance, has a top payout of up to 50,000x.

It is simple to overlook the game’s theme and graphics when so much focus is placed on the winning ways and features. Once more, NextGen deserves praise for successfully integrating the Norse theme with the abundant bonus features. The large sums are given legitimacy by Odin and his blessings, which keeps them from seeming excessively large.

Besides Pillars of Asgard Slot. Everything that has been said thus far points to a fascinating slot. NextGen Gaming may become a classic if the payout can keep up with the other numbers and features. If not, then it’s at least one of those slots that you have to play at least once to believe. For more slot articles, please visit kalengkaleng.gumroad.com, where you can find more useful slot tips and tricks.

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