The objectives should be as in the PDRAM

Signatures (not counted in page limit)- Insert the appropriate Signature Page. Different signature pages are required for Pre-Review, Post-Review and Re-Review of the project plans.  Please note the statements that accompany signatures which imply signatory responsibility for the content of the project plan.

Table of Contents (not counted in page limit)- Include the major headings in your plan, as suggested in this section. The order may be altered to suit the scope and size of your plan; and to enhance clarity.  Use of Automatic formatting is encouraged to eliminate problems when page numbering changes.

Project Summary (not counted in page limit)- Like the abstract of a paper this should summarize the project in about 250 words (10 to 12 sentences).   The text should aim at a general audience and provide a clear description of the overall goals, essential questions/knowledge gaps, general approach, and expected outcomes or benefits of the research. It is crucial that the reader gain a clear, but brief, knowledge of your project here to enable them to better understand the context for the greater detail provided later in the document.

ObjectivesРThe objectives should be as in the PDRAM.  Accompanying this should be one to three paragraphs illustrating the linkages and general bases for this set of objectives to be part of this plan. This provides a framework for the objectives and a clear context that will guide the reviewer.   A figure to illustrate the relationships among objectives, overall goals or outcomes, and staff can be most valuable and is strongly encouraged ( Example of a Flow Chart). Such a figure or diagram can be useful in refining the prior Project Summary section.

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