Sanjivani 2 update, October 31: Dr. Asha is pregnant with Dr. Sid’s youngster?

The most recent scene of Sanjivani 2 starts with Dr. Sid imagining that Dr.Ishani ought not make any off-base stride as a result of him. Sid sees Dr. Asha remaining behind him and reveals to her that they should tell Dr. Ishani as she has the right to know the explanation.

Asha demands not telling anybody. Sid says that he can’t see Ishani in this condition and gets some information about her. Dr. Shashank tells Dr. Juhi that he ought to have come clean with her around then. In any case, had he advised her, she wouldn’t have stayed silent.

Juhi says that he assumed all the fault on himself just to spare her picture. Shashank says that the case was confounded. Dr. Rishabh attempts to disturb Dr. Sid. He inquires as to whether it is the end among him and Ishani Sanjivani. Sid requests that he avoid the entirety of this.

Then again, the strain between Dr. Ishani and Dr. Asha develops. Ishani asks Asha that for what reason did she do this to her. Ishani blames Asha for being a backstabber. Simultaneously, Asha’s wellbeing weakened and she falls on the ground.

Ishani asks Dr. Asha on the off chance that she realized that she was pregnant. She at that point asks Dr. Sid on the off chance that he is the dad of the kid. Sid acknowledges that he is the dad of the youngster. This stuns Dr. Ishani.

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