Photographs of Squirrels Playing Tiny Musical Instruments

Now, to be clear you will need an Apple Music subscription for this to work. And, unless you’re paying for a Fender Songs subscription, the library of tunes you have to pull from is pretty limited. And I want to be clear here: Songs ain’t cheap. At $42 a year or $5 a month, it’s a pretty hefty investment for an interactive chord book.(On the plus side, a yearly subscription also nets you 10-percent off gear from Fender.

In addition to showing you the chords to a song, there’s also a record mode. Here the app shows the chord changes and lyrics, but doesn’t play a backing track, and instead uses your phone’s front facing camera to capture your performance. You can also build a set list, where you collect songs to practice or perform.

Weggen, a Swedish-Dutch national, has a passion for storytelling and spends hours building intricate sets and gluing down tiny props to create unique scenes. Once the set is designed, he strategically places food around the props to encourage the squirrels to interact with his setup. Then, he retreats to his kitchen and patiently waits for the story to unfold. 

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