Large Plank Wood Flooring Installation

Plank wood flooring is a onetime investment and will last a life time; not only it gives a traditional look but also builds beautiful, customized, warm, sturdy, protective, well finished look to the entire decor. This can be done in two ways- wood floor installation one is fastened to sub-flooring and then sanded and finished. Other one is refinished wood flooring which are fastened in the same way but not require finishing.

Large plank wood flooring installation is easy and hassle-free. If you’re experienced then you can install the wood floor by yourself or in case you are not tool-friendly then hire a professional. The base of flooring should be of smooth level or structurally sound. The wood used for wooden floor are teak, Eastern White Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Western Red Cedar, Mahogany, Douglas Fir, Black Walnut, White Ash, Brazilian Cherry, Yellow Birch, Sugar Maple, White Oak, Northern Red Oak, Beech and so on.

Before installation generally the woods are placed in the same room for three days to acquaint with the environment. The installation follows several steps like: Measure the room’s width taking some points to create a center-line and mark with a chalk, Give a 1/2 inch gap between the wall and the floor which will be filled by a base shoe, choose a long board and wide floor for the first row (near the wall which is finished by using nails), The first two rows are finished by hand, pilot holes at a 45-to-50-degree angle should be drilled, on each center points, Use the nail set for finishing of each nail, Before inserting the new rows tighten the previous one. If you are installing a large area then use wood floor nail after inserting 3 rows, be careful if there is a scratch then it may damage the flooring, in the final row use a block and pry bar to give a tight position, set the nails below the surface by using hammer and nail set and finally install the base shoe.

The cost of wood flooring is bit expensive and it varies on the width and length of the floor. The delivery of wood plank floor is done by using trucks and they take time for 7 to 15 days in between the region and 15 to 30 days if destination is far. Whether you are planning to buy a brand new home or trying to just remodel your existing home then go for plank wood flooring and watch the floor taking new dimensions.


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