‘It’s a Disgrace… but Other Than That, I Wish Everybody a Merry Christmas.’ President Trump’s Sour Holiday

How to play: Each guest gets to play this game individually. Blindfold Merry Christmas Wishes a guest and turn them around. Now they will have to walk up to the cut-out of Rudolph and pin the nose on the picture. Whoever sticks the nose closest, is the winner. You can have multiple rounds of this game and do a best of all rounds to get the final winner.

20 Questions: Christmas Edition

What you need: Pictures of everything Christmas – Christmas tree, bells, Santa Claus, Rudolph, Candies, the list being endless.

How to play: One person – the answerer – will pick one of the Christmas themed objects without revealing it to the others. All the guests get to ask one question each, until 20 questions are asked, to the answerer which is answered in YES or NO. If those asking questions can guess the object correctly, another guest gets to be the answerer. If not, then the answerer gets another chance.

Red Nose Reindeer Game

What you need: A red craft pom pom with a ribbon attached for each player and a bottle of Vaseline.

How to play: Players need to hold the loose end of the ribbon in their mouth and sway the ribbon in a way that the pom pom sticks to their nose.

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