How Outlander is Revitalizing Scottish Fashion

Long dismissed as old-fashioned and twee, Scotland’s heritage fabrics are seeing a stylish resurgence thanks, in part, to a new guard of innovative young designers who are revitalizing and updating stale tweeds, cliché tartans and lackluster lace for a modern audience.

Audience is the key word here. The hit television series,  kilts for sale Outlander—and its talented costume designer, Terry Dresbach, who sources local materials for authenticity—has played a large role in this new Scottish style-spotlight. Dresbach credits Scotland’s “extraordinary” craftsmanship and the country’s “real integration of nature into the work that’s done here” for the long-awaited fashion reinvigoration. Here, looks at three female designers, who, with the help of groups such asScotland Re: Designed andScot Street Style, are putting a modern spin on traditional, and er, outlandish designs.Judy R. Clark

Judy R. Clark was in the middle of a café shift in her Highland hometown of Fort William when she received a call from Alexander McQueen inviting her to London for an interview. After her six-month internship with the late designer, Clark returned to Scotland, where she was nominated for Young Designer of the Year, providing the momentum to launch her own brand in 2009. Elements of McQueen’s influence, specifically that of his Highland Rape collection, are immediate in some of her work, most notably her dramatic Tartan Pheasant Feather Frockcoat.

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