How many vlogs have you created around your adventures in Pakistan

EZB: I’ve produced more videos than I can count about Pakistan! And even these videos don’t fully reflect the scope of my incredible experiences in the country. Many of them have gone viral, but more importantly, I believe that they contributed – even in small ways – towards a better understanding of Pakistan as a potential travel destination by the international public.

The video that I believe attracted the most attention was my take on “Why I Believe Pakistan Can Be the World’s #1 Travel Destination.” People tend to chuckle when I tell them this, but there’s nothing to laugh about. In this video, I argue that the country has the ultimate potential: it has sweeping beaches lining the edge of the Arabian Sea; it has cities overflowing with culture and energy; it has 4,500 years of history; its Northern regions are blessed with the world’s greatest mountain ranges. There is still a very long way to go until any of this could actually happen, but, in the meantime, this video certainly stirred a heated debate on social media, attracting several million views across various platforms.

In 2018, I worked on a travel show with a local film crew. We traversed the whole country, north to south and east to west, meeting inspiring people, exploring local customs and witnessing incredible sceneries. The project is still in its edit stages, but I hope you will all be able to watch it in the coming months.

BW: And, last but not least, what’s left for you to explore in Pakistan?

EZB: Pakistan is vast, deep and nuanced. Every time I go back to the same places, I find something new to learn, something new to experience. But in the future, I would like to help expand the opportunities for outdoors adventures in the mountains. Every time I see those peaks, I start dreaming of the incredible opportunities for skiers, riders, mountaineers, and trekkers out there. While some facilities do already exist, I would love to take part in the renaissance of Pakistan as a world-class adventure destination, which I know is coming.

Du lich quang binh On a more personal level, I look forward to returning to Jamalabad to spend time with my Wakhi family. I want to continue learning their local Wakhi language (this is different from the main national language of Pakistan, which is Urdu), which could fuel future trips to places like the nearby Wakhan corridor in Afghanistan. Ultimately, if I ever have a family, I would like my children to spend their summers in the peaceful village of Jamalabad, learn Wakhi and take in the beautiful culture of my favorite place in the world.

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