Choosing a Running Watch

A distance running watch is not just an accessory but a necessity for an athlete. It aids you in achieving your goals for complete fitness. There is no need to shell so many dollars to buy an effective running watch for your running needs but you must be able to determine which one is the best for you, given the features of the watch. All of the distance running watch track your speed and distance covered but a few are equipped with features that can help you achieve more.

A Chronograph is the most basic watch that has functions of a stop watch but looks like a common watch. A countdown timer and an alarm are sometimes featured in it. A little extra expenditure on such watches will get you one with a lap counting timer. They come in small sizes, looking ordinary and can be used daily. What lack in these watches are various features like speed tracking, distance measurement and the heart beat rate.

A pedometer can be used for measuring the number of steps by simply clipping it closer to your waist. A calorie estimator that measures the number of calories burnt by you and a clock are also equipped in this unit running watches 
Again, a little expensive pedometer comes with a GPS, timers and a stopwatch. You can easily download the tracked info from your watch to the computer.

The wireless chest strap monitor is the most popular among the different types of heart rate monitors. The recorded signals are aired to the wrist receiver. The other types of heart rate monitor looks pretty much like a watch that are comfortable and cheap but not accurate. Speed and distance trackers are available in more advanced models. Even thought the chest straps are not as comfortable, they are a lot more accurate. For women, there are even specially made sports tops that allow for the chest band or monitor to be inserted into the sports bra making it more comfortable. However, this may reduce accuracy as there (depending on the type of sports top) may be fabric between the monitor and skin.

Distance covered and speed of running is displayed by the speed and distance athletic monitors. This often includes a heart rate monitor. Search for models that are design for runners or cyclists. The GPS version of this unit is a little more expensive but provides accurate information on the compact wrist strap. The accelerometer is cheap but gives accurate information. The only thing is that GPS monitors sometime do not work in remote locations.

When choosing a distance running watch, be sure to keep in mind what your overall fitness or personal goals are and seek out the watch that best matches the goals you want to measure. When shopping for a fitness watch, you’ll find the best running watch review is going to be from those who have reviewed many different types of watches and can speak about the pros and cons of each; specifically what makes them different and what they each measure best.

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