Meditation Chairs We Truly Love

In fact, of the many negtative effets of meditating, spinal injury is one of the worst.

When you sit meditating for hours on end you can seriously injure your spine. And if you think that this has already started to happen, you need to make some changes.

Start by getting yourself a good cushion [Meditation chairs]

At the same time, you will want to get one of the best meditation chairs because these will help you to sit properly during practice.

Floor chairs offer the same support as a regular one while also being incredibly portable. You can easily put this one in your car whenever you go to a retreat or on a hike. It’s also lightweight and small.

The Back Jack Floor Chair’s ergonomic design makes it perfect if you have back problems. And some people have said that using these ones doesn’t just prevent you from feeling back pain but actually helps to cure back problems.

However, this ergonomic meditation chair can be a little rickety, and its minimalist design won’t serve as a focal point in your studio

The Mulu Floor chair isn’t necessarily a meditation chair. It is also great for office, home, or pretty much anywhere. You can use it for sitting or lying down, and the cushion is really comfortable. It’s great for travelling with to.

The Mulu Floor Chair features six different positions and can even be laid down completely flat so you can lie on it. Design wise it looks nice and modern if that’s your style, and the reinforced steel means it is plenty durable enough. It also has a removable cover so you can wash it easily if you spill your smoothie on it.

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