Tujhse Hai Raabta update

The latest episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta begins with Kalyani stopping Malhar from burning the file that may be a clue for twenty sixth July. She says that she detected Anupriya murmuring in her sleep concerning the automobile range MH Boss and says that this will be associated with the case.

Kalyani takes Raju’s number( the owner of the garage) and tells Malhar that they’ll track the amount. Malhar asks Pawar to try to to identical. Malhar tells Kalyani that she’s going to not get the task as she hasn’t found any solid clue.

Kalyani says that she still has half dozen hours to prove her mother’s innocence. Kalyani requests Anupriya to recollect concerning MH Boss. Anupriya says that she is attempting onerous however cannot keep in mind something.

Kalyani says that it’s important for her to grasp the affiliation between the amount plate and therefore the case. Asawari overheard their spoken language. Kalyani sees Asawari standing outside the window. She says that she was simply passing by and detected Anupriya shouting. Kalyani tells her that there’s nothing to fret concerning. Kalyani brings Diwali gifts for everybody from her hard-earned cash. Madhav asks Kalyani from wherever she got the cash.

Kalyani lies to him locution that she works at a call-center. Madhav throws his gift away and reprimands Kalyani for absorbing employment being a relative-in-law of the Rane family. Malhar comes in her support and says that she supports Kalyani’s call of operating and he thinks that Kalyani can do huge things in her life.

Swara additionally supports her and asks Kalyani that what did she obtain for her. Asawari tells Ahir that Kalyani has her hands on sturdy proof and that they can need to keep an eye fixed on her. Kalyani then calls Raju and asks him to search out out that for whom did he build that range plate. Ahir and Asawari overheard this. Asawari then engages Kalyani in some work so she doesn’t conclude the clue for twenty sixth July.

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