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Ranking of domestic uav brands at present (2019); Dji, millet, zero, sima, UDrone, pu zhou, hao xiang, habson, ke wei tai, mei jia xin. At present, dji’s uav has the best reputation and the highest popularity. Xiaomi’s drones are more suitable for leisure (cost-effective) use.

DJI(pioneer of global uav control and aerial photography system, one-stop service provider from multi-axis cloud platform to hd photo transmission, a model of China’s innovative technology, shenzhen DJI innovative technology co., LTD.)

Dji spirit 3SE

On the design of the appearance of the elves 3 se for xinjiang’s Phantom a series of classic form, there is not a big change, it has reached the perfect state of the series, streamlined fuselage is through the principle of aerodynamics design, in addition to provide convenience for operation, also can maximum flight performance of ascension, and provide users with flight video in high quality images of the output, and more eye-catching golden strip is in the whole body.

It was supposed to be a high-end machine, professional series, but this time dji was quite generous to put on the smart 3SE, which instantly raised the pretend bility to a higher level. Although it was almost nothing to do with the cost, it was still quite surprising. It should be noted that the body weight of dji genji 3SE uav is 500g. According to China’s regulations on real-name registration of civil uav piloting aircraft, aircraft over 250g shall be registered with its real name.

Drones in the field of competition is increasingly fierce, so innovation is particularly important, therefore, in order to improve performance, large xinjiang under the elves 3 se stomach with a 4 k lens, and it is designed for aerial, support 4 k high-definition video, but also can shoot the photos of the 12 million pixels, the definition of the footage and details are done greatly ascend, 94 degree wide-angle zoom lens can reduce the distortion of, make a commitment to provide users with the most close to the real picture.

Besides shooting performance improvements, distance control has always been an important aspect in the field of uav, and this is precisely what awards speciality, so specially for elf 3 se equipped with enhanced wifi Gao Qingtu transmission technology DIY drones, this elf 3 se control furthest distance of up to 4000 meters, but also the guarantee of maximum transmission of images, thoroughly get rid of the influence of environmental factors such as the control distance, and the rocking bar on the remote control through the design of high precision and calibration, sensitivity, control performance increase.

The powerful power of dji genji 3SE uav enables it to have a maximum speed of 57km/h. At the same time, the high-precision triaxial stabilization head can effectively reduce the fuselage shaking during flight, ensure the smoothness of the picture, and greatly guarantee the smooth flight in a strong wind environment. Dji has been quite mature in intelligent flight control technology, which is easy for beginners to use, and also very safe, and can do whatever you want to shoot.

In order to improve the positioning function as much as possible, dji genie 3SE adopts a visual positioning system, which can achieve accurate hover or smooth flight even in a room with poor signal or even a five-signal environment. Moreover, the combination of ultrasonic sensor and genie 3SE makes the safety performance of genie 3SE when flying at a low altitude. In terms of endurance, genie 3SE adopts a battery common to Phantom series, which is more humanized and can fly for 25 minutes under full charge.

At present, the price of dji genie 3SE uav in the market is about 3,500 yuan, which is not much higher than that of other products of the same level. Besides, dji’s experience in system optimization makes it the most worthwhile uav to buy.

Of course, if it is too much for haven’t touch xinjiang unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) friend, might as well by means of leasing, spend less money to experience, so as to decide whether or not worth buying, at present, the big three se xinjiang elves of uav in idle pigs minimum lease price is 31.24 yuan a day, this for friends want to experience, is quite a bargain.

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